Attack on Democracy

March 12, 2009

Please read this. This is from the blog of the HOD of the Department of Communication/Journalism of St.Aloysius College, Mangalore.


11 Mar. Activists of Bajrang Dal today threatened a journalist of The Hindu, giving him a life threat if he did not “side” with them.

This morning, Mr Samvartha -journalist with The Hindu- was travelling by bus to Mangalore. As he came to the Bunts Hostel, he saw massive decorations of Hindu Samajotsava -saffron flags. There was terrible traffic jam during office hours due to the bajrang dal tamasha. The bajrang dal activists stopped every bus and troubled them. Samvartha got down from the bus and tried inquiring about this (with the permission of his office). And then came the bajrang dal activists – they confronted him. They threatened him saying, if he wanted to live and work in Mangalore, he had to be WITH THEM. Else they would break his legs!

The newspaper has filed a complaint with the poilce.

This is intimidation and black mailing. Such unconstitutional and cowardly acts should stop. There has been a hate campaign against those who profess and live democratic/ constitutional values. Electorate must realise and punish such anti social/ anti-constitutional forces.


Mr.Samvartha who has been mentioned in this blog is an ex-MIC’ian from the 2005-2007 MS Communication batch. He had a short stint at MIC as a lecturer and currently works as a journalist with The Hindu, Mangalore


2 Responses to “Attack on Democracy”

  1. | Balu | said

    Gee this is bad.. no wait.. this is outright sick..

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