Kala Manch ka Tiatr

March 9, 2009

Tiatr, in Konkani, means, theater.. Kala Manch wanted a new event that would involve MICians in theatrical art, so Tiatr was started.. The basic idea behind the event was to give new actors a stage, a platform and the jazz. Last semester was the first edition of Tiatr.. Participation was decent.. But the inauguration was kick-ass.. There were drums and a shankh.. MVK was asked to break a coconut to start the event.. You see, going back to our events.. MVK must ‘ve been happy by all this for sure!

Anyway, Tiatr comprised of:
-One Act Play
-Mad Ads
-Street Play

Now we shall come to the new edition of Tiatr that happened this semester.

The event didn’t have One Act play because Tiatr was scheduled for 4th March. This happened soon after A19 so time was too little for people to come up with One Act plays. Kala Manch didn’t get any participation calls. Sad huh? The MIC lazy-ness had caught on again..

Now what to do? No participation? The organizers start participating. The event is postponed for a day. Street Play had two teams showing up. The teams did a decent job though. I must tell you that this edition for Tiatr is also an audition for Utsav! Ummm well, whatever.. Now after this, mimicry had to happen.. That didn’t happen either.. Why? Yes, you guessed it.. MIC lazy-ness!

Then came day 2.. Mime didn’t have any participants because people didn’t know what mime is apparently.. So the organizers decided to show the people what mime is about.. The president Mister Jacob who has just risen from throat ki bimaari agreed to help the organizers.. Sweet boy, I say.. He made some dhik-chik sounds with his still painful throat.. The rest of the actors did a wow job as usual.. After this Mad Ads happened.. Non-stop non sense as always.. Full on fun! One out of the three teams backed out.. But the two teams did a good job anyway so cover up happened.. Our Kodali was the man-of-the-match according to me in this edition of Tiatr.. He participated in Street Play, Mime and Mad Ads.. He is becoming a super star I say!

Kala Manch is now international I must inform.. The president of Kala Manch is a Nepali boy called Prashit and the first lady of the club is Arya who is also from Nepal..

Pssst.. Another secret I shall share.. You know before the event, the Kala Manch banner was being painted in the lobby.. And there was a tiny paint stain on the floor.. A very big deal was made out of it by the new guy on the block.. What yaa! Whatever happened to the chilled out atmosphere of MIC! The new guy on the block was later seen laughing at the happy scenes in Mad Ads and Mime.. He openly appreciated Street Play too.. This is just FYI, implication is left to you..

Anyway, Tiatr is an event that shall happen every semester, so we ‘ll see how-it-goes next time..

For now, Kala Manch is busy with the upcoming productions.. One is called Blackadder, based on a popular British TV series by Rowan Atkinson.. The other is Scandal in Fairyland by Badal Sircar, a take on sensationalism in news through a fairytale story.. It all seems super exciting!

So Kala Manch is alive and kickin’!



2 Responses to “Kala Manch ka Tiatr”

  1. elvingiri said

    Please give me a bunch of tickets for Tiatr…would like to sell some..and thanks for calling me sweet…i must say, my throat wasnt aching…i was all right!!!

  2. Anonymous said

    heh…shit…2 bad abt the participation though… i thot 4 sure tat this time it wuld b much bigger than last esp with the success last sem…

    neway best of luck with the plays…

    and nice post pls do keep em up!!!…

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