MIC’ian gets mugged on the Udayvani Road

February 23, 2009

In an extremely sad incident, though painfully common, a first year BA student was robbed of her entire bag yesterday at around 9 a.m. on the Udayvani Road. Megha (name changed) was walking and just as she crossed Samudra, a bike with two men on it came and got hold of her bag. She refused to leave it and as a result, she was dragged along the road. She bruised her right hand completely. And what worsened the matter was that the authorities asked her about her attire (which was a pure Salwar Kameez) to check if she had ‘invited’ trouble. Students are not that happy with it and are going to lodge an official complaint with MU and MIC. Itr may be recalled that it was not the first time that this is happening on this road.  Several incidents of similar nature have happened on that road. The problem is that there is a an ego clash between MU and the municipality. The Municipality is not letting MU touch that road as it is their road. Hope more girls are not ‘targetted’ in this lack of diplomacy. Hope things change fast.

Elvin Jacob


6 Responses to “MIC’ian gets mugged on the Udayvani Road”

  1. | Balu | said

    My advice – pepper spray!

  2. elvingiri said

    nope…a bit more brains…not for the victims, but you know who!!!

  3. | Balu | said

    Ouch thats something we have no control over na!

  4. elvingiri said

    i dont have any problem with us not having any control on them. But the sad part is that “you know who’s” do not have control over their mouths… in the words of the great Shukla: na dash dash, aur batein unchi unchi!!!

  5. rini said

    wat abt the protest march???

    in btw… i still havin figurd out how to go abt in wordpress…! booo..hoooo

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