A courteous culture indeed…

February 22, 2009

“Many people ask, what is Indian culture? To me Indian culture is just all about – ‘courtesy!’ ”

So said a very distinguished member (u know who) of the MIC cast, close to the end of a 1 and a half hour session of justifying the mangalore attacks… Yes, u read it right – JUSTIFYING the MANGALORE ATTACKS! And not that any one of my classmates said anything in front of him denouncing the attacks… One fine day he just woke up and decided to make us realise that those hideous attacks happened because the poor people from the ‘rural culture’ were affected because of the sudden industrialisation of the ‘urban culture’ and hence had no other choice but to retaliate in the manner that they did. Plus he also had to give us gyan about how pubs and night clubs in choice places in Europe (London and Paris) and US (WASHINGTON… anyone remembers any Indian UN correspondents based there?) had no girls at all when he went there! Well so much 4 believing that…

Indian culture is all about courtesy. Yes indeed! Mangalore prooves that. The Valentine’s Day incidents especially the ones in Ujjain and Jind, also proove this. For indeed, dragging people (and especially girls) around by their hair seems to be the current courtesy of the ‘changing Indian culture’. If, thanks to such illustrious faculty members, we are to learn that acts like Mangalore are what is right and what India is about then you can hardly blame the youth of today for not giving a damn to what their elders tell. They at least have that much of common-sense. I salute u my friends!

Another thing we at MIC have been learning recently is that a discussion means having such a rigid point of view that whatever the other group says you do not even consider changing your opinion. Phrases like but u are not getting my point child and ‘that is a very good point u make but…’ and so on have become as common place as hello and good morning. While in school and so on it used to be the students who wouldn’t change their minds and views, now it is the turn of the facukty to do the same. The students are much more open minded and willing to reconsider than our faculty (which happens to be the BEST in the country I heard recently!). And to think that we are to learn from them.

One final parting word…




9 Responses to “A courteous culture indeed…”

  1. crabshell said

    i would suggest you dont assume none of us said anything condemning the attacks.. 😦

  2. mattefinish said

    Were you there in class then, BiBinhio? If not, I must say, you missed quite something!

    • | Balu | said

      I wasn’t around for THIS particular discussion but I can tell one thing for sure. I have seen many valid points being silenced in class. Am sure thats being done now too.. sometimes people are allowed to speak-up but before the idea presented can seep in. the “but there is another thing to be remembered ” dialogue follows.. that can be quite disheartening…

  3. elvingiri said

    Comments are always silenced in class…we are taught to stand next to the PM when photos are clicked but are asked to stay away when the same person needs to be questioned on a matter of grave importance for the public. We are taught to be known as someone who walked with the likes of Vajpayees and Gandhi’s but not as someone who has opposed either. We are taught to be journalists who are nothing but a part of the system not as ombudsmen but as puppets in the hands of those whom we are actually supposed to keep a check on. As a common man, I have the Right to Express. As an influential lot, several have a Right to Gag. And in case of a conflict, the latter always prevails. No. We should not be called journalists but content developers.

    • | Balu | said

      You are right Elvin.. these days journalism is more of content development than unearthing illegalities. What was last sting you read? Oh hold on there hasn’t been any for a while. Not that there is a shortage of corrupt

  4. elvingiri said

    i dont remember reading a sting operation. instead, i remember reading umpteen number of sex scandals that are being “exposed”. don’t know if its a co-incidence but sex crimes seem to be the only crimes that are happening around as only they get reported, and with fine detail mind it!!

  5. | Balu | said

    Really which one? :-0

  6. elvingiri said

    arey so many man…fake sting operation in New Delhi wherein apparently a teacher was running a sex racket with her students…come on…even you know it…

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