Will be there!

February 19, 2009

I thought I would never blog here again; mainly because I had ran out of topics to blog about. (Mallus call it “blogger’s blogg” while everyone else on earth calls it “Blogger’s block” ehm…) Not that I ran out of memories about Manipal, but every attempted-post sounded like the previous one. Just a rant which may mean nothing for anyone else.

So I handed over the house keys to others who were still bunking classes and having tea at press cart. Well nice to see this blog being active again and kudos to elvingiri for the same.

So what is it that got me back to this site? It’s not just the one post a day promise which Elvin made, but also the fact that I will be going to Manipal in a few days, for article-19! Awesome no? Okay may be you hate me and  must be wondering about what’s so awesome about me coming.. Well nothing, it’s just great for me. I have been longing to come to Manipal again after convocation. The wait has ben long, but I am sure it will be worth it. 🙂

I will be speaking at MMSC as well on how newspapers have ben hit by recession and changes NPs are undergoing to survive in the chamnging times. Now, that’s something I am nervous about. I always sucked at presentations. Also, I remember all the ‘looks’ I got from Kinnary mam for mumbling while on stage (presentation skills class). She kept saying excuse-me, in an attempt to get something legible out of me. Thank god, the phrase #FAIL wasn’t so popular then, because I totally failed at communicating! I caught a cold yesterday and that’s not going a big help either.

Anyway see you folks soon (those who will be at MIC that is), Elvin has promised me free accomodation and is anyone staying at 9/10 MIT block? I really really want to have breakfast at annapoorna mess! plssss.. pretty plssss?


3 Responses to “Will be there!”

  1. elvingiri said

    ya man…will go to annapoorna…even i havent been there in a long long time…will try somehow to eat there…lets see…will try to get some help form RBK!!!

  2. | Balu | said

    Awesome! 😀
    PS: Do they still give unlimited butter?

  3. elvingiri said

    I don’t know man. I haven’t been there in years, literally.

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