TRULY International

February 19, 2009

Sitting in the Article 19 room, looking around at all the charts, posters, banners, pamphlets, maps and lists plastered across the walls, my gaze comes to rest on the white chart paper adorned with orange hi-lighter strokes all through it in neat rectangular stabs. A few black and blue scratches add emotion to this chart that contains the name, college and place of each of the 110 odd entries for this years’ Article 19. A closer look also tells you that around 19 of them are international entries from places as far west as Los Angeles, USA and east from Manila, Philippines. Entries from England, Scotland, UAE and Egypt also mean that Article 19 this year is spread over 4 continents! Great news especially as this is the 10th year of this fest, the first ever core communication college fest of the nation.

If anything comes a close second to grabbing my eye it has to be the Rahul Bose poster and the road map of our march for Power Off for an Hour. If all the work and tension of pulling off an international communication fest wasn’t enough, we had to heap more stress onto our shoulders by taking up the cause of conserving electricity thorugh Power Off, an event where the entire of Manipal will switch off its electricity for one hour between 8 and 9 P.M. on Feb 27. Actor Rahul Bose will lead a march around Manipal during that hour, with jam sessions and more entertainment planned at the end. A one and a half month awareness drive through signature campaigns, pamphlet distributions, helpdesks and more has resulted in over 2000 people already signed up for the march. Student power should come into the forefront in Power Off!…

Prahlad Kakkar’s ad workshop is posing problems of a nice kind to deal with for the organisers. With over 60 students from TAPMI alone conforming their interest to take part in this workshop along with a large number of MICians, finding a big enough room to hold the workshop requires some effort! But as I said earlier, this one we are happy to deal with!…

Mr. Bijlee had a day out on the 9th at KC with a huge crowd gathering around to see our street play on conserving electricity. The mini power off at MIC on the 10th also went off quite well. Director M. V. Kamath switched off the power for one hour between 4:30 and 5:30 and the students had a bit of fun with a jamming session without electricity with the band Exile. All in all, with 8 days to go for the start of A 19, we look set for a mega event. Do come by if you are in the vicinty doing nothing. And even if you are doing something, you can still come by because at the end of the day, it will surely be worth it! Guaranteed!


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