Fashion Show

February 19, 2009

Today were the Fashion Show auditions for Utsav 09. Man it was just mind blowing. I did not know that we had so much of talent in our college. I still remember, in my second year BAJC, my cultural rep (none other than Sudeep Shukla) made me walk the ramp just cos there weren’t enough participants. The cultural committe wanted the judges to atleast have choice. Otherwise it would be like some other categories wherein 5 people would be there for auditions and the team size would be 8. It has happened in the past before. And I dreaded that it would happen again. But lo, for a change, history refuses to repeat itself.

There were a total of four teams (oh yes!!) with ten models each I suppose (correct me if I am wrong).  There was one team from my class too. While some people wore some real funky dresses, some chose to stay ethnic/Indian. We were having it in our newly built auditorium (yes people, we have one now). I would rather call it an over-sized classroom with high roofs. Models started walking. I found some of them extremely impressive. I would not like to take names, simply cos I know that I am the last person to judge someone walking on a ramp. The UG’s did an amazing job. Some of the models were so good. It seemed that they have been practising for it for months altogether. The music was perfect. The audience was waiting. And the ramp was set. Whoooooooaaaa!!! was the common expression noted among the people when the show started.

One of the teams did an amazing show by choreographing their show around the Mangalore Pub Attacks theme. The expressions of the models were really impressive. “Beauty meets Brains” is what I could call that show to be. But among all the teams, the best model that I zeroed in (I gotta take this name as I feel that this person was the show stopper) was Bhopanna from MS First Year. He was dressed up in red? tracks and a pink t-shirt. Balls of Steel man! The way he walked. Wow. He was just too good. He pulled off a stereotypical gay walk so well that everyone around started clapping. Simply awesome. Then came the last team that incidently happened to be from my class. They were good. Really nice. Constructive brains that we were. For many, this would be the last time that they would walk the ramp cos college is coming to an end with just 93 days to go!

I would not like to praise any team/model as such as I all of them were good. When my class was practising yesterday some thoughts were running at the back of my mind. I remembered the old days. All of us back then had a different concept of a college life. I still cling on to it. Yesterday I saw that concept change. Somehow this extravagant rooms and so many students did not match my perception of MIC. But I felt good that atlast, people would not require to sweat it out during their thesis or fight for cameras as they were insufficient. None of us are going to go hungry on a sunday due to the lack of a canteen.

I am just hoping that like last year, we do a brilliant fashion show and win the first prize. Its not the prize or the points or anything that matters. Instead, its the pride that no one can beat us at creativity. And as my BA batchmates Ashish Rao once said, “MIC should not be known as Manipal Institute of Communication but as Masters in Creativity”. God Bless MIC!!!


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