February 16, 2009

There were Utsav auditions for Oxygen today. A lot of people actually participated in it. It was a tough call for the judges to select people. Unlike past Utsav’s when seeing no MIC’ian take part in some of the categories like classical dance wasn’t rare, this time we had more than one contestant for each category. Many got selected but I do not remember their names. All the dances were good. Really good. But what I would like to mention is what the grand finale had.

There was a special performance by Roshan, Deepanshi, Arya, Ami, Shaz and Aswin. They went mad as they hillariously danced to ye kaali kalli aankhein (these black black eyes according to the video subtitles. no kidding). Slowly several people were pulled in as the dance progressed. There were some really funny moments during the dance. One among them was when the entire group went towards the left Ami went to the right without realising where everyone had gone. It was just too funny. They were dancing just for the kick of it. The old MIC spirit of having fun was retained when they did the dance. I still remember in my first year of BA how Oxygens were held. I miss those days. Everythingw as so liberalised and non-auditioned. These days, for appearing on an Oxygen, you need to pass an audition. I remember the a.m. plus song that out seniors would do and that we would dream of doing one day in front of our juniors and making an example out of it. Sadly, it did not happen. MIC became too big and complicated for it. From a huge joint family, where we knew every single person in the college and interacted with them quite reqularly, now it is not rare for many of us to say-“oh! I didn’t know she studies in our college” or “whos that? is that person in our college”.  Yes. The Nuclear Family bug has bitten us.

I look back at these five years that I spent in MIC. My MS batchmates who did their BA from MIC, have been a witness along with me, of the change that has come across MIC. Earlier we had non-ac fun filled library. Now we have a funky ac library that looks great. But its not as much fun as it used to be earlier. Earlier we used to have so much fun in the computer labs. Now the UG lab is a canteen and the PG lab is the office. The new sparkling new office looks more like a call centre now. Earlier our computers in the PG lab had 20 GB HDD’s and 64/128 MB (don’t remember exactly) RAM’s. Now the RAM’s run into GB’s. We have HD cams to shoot and MAC’s to edit. We have more than  400 students now as compared to less than 150 students when I joined. When I joined we had just two programs-BA and MS. Now we have a certificate course in Animation and PGDCC. How things change?

Many people left. That hurt even more. Cos with them were going the days that you enjoyed. Your college days. Its so unrealistic that you feel like studying again. But you can’t. After all, there will always be certain things that money can’t buy.

My Message to all you first years: I know you are jobless at MIC. But in the age of recession thank goodness that you have a completely different meaning of joblessness. You may find hundred reasons to crib about MIC. But please please enjoy these days. You wont get them back. But remember, Manipal can make or break your life!!!


13 Responses to “Oxygen”

  1. shakti said

    this oxygen was not the typical MIC oxygen it was something more than that, Ozone i think[03] :P.

    Never knew there were such great dancers in our college. Some of the people were seen on the dance floor for the first time and they completly rocked!!! But the best part was to see my son dance : ASHWIN ohooohohoo. he forgot his steps ans stood still while shaz was dancing. No offense ashwin beta.

    just my luck – i had a pan from T.C before going to the college. It added to the fun. I don’t want to disrespect the dancers or their dance form but, i so wanted to shout NAACH CHHAMIYA NAACH.

  2. | Balu | said

    “But in the age of recession thank goodness that you have a completely different meaning of joblessness.”

    Wah wah.. kya soch hai!
    Nostalgic post man

  3. | Balu | said

    Meanwhile get a custom header made no….

  4. elvingiri said

    I do not know how to make one. Shakti beta, kaam pe lag jao!!! just kiddin…can you make one??? i don’t know CSS and stuff…not a good technical person…i cna take care of the content, not the form!!! 😛 ah bitte!!!

  5. elvingiri said

    Aha..Oho..Aha…Oho!!! rem that??!! 😛 he he…

  6. | Balu | said

    WTF is CSS got to do with blog header? Bloody… get a pic of MIC crop it according to fit thats all.. otherwise just mail me pic I will crop it accordingly =D

  7. Shakti said

    yeldvin aana !! no problem I’ll do it. wiase balu bhai is right there is no need of knowing CSS for designing it. and i think this is the time for you to say :

    Ach So!!!

  8. elvingiri said

    Oh!! I thought you need to know CSS to design pages. Well I have pics, but they are the stereotyped ones…anyways, will send it over to balu soon…or can Shakti do you have one???

  9. BiBinhio said

    yes elvin…
    genius thou art!!!…
    do an entire course in css 4 designing a custom header!!! 😀

  10. Shakti said

    I don’t have a pic please send me on shakti.mic@gmail.com

  11. elvingiri said

    @Bibinhio: Stop praising me. I am tired of hearing them.
    @Shakti: Take from me in college tomorrow. Please. 🙂

    • | Balu | said

      Hey meanwhile activated “threaded comments here. Cool no? 🙂
      Also Monster Avatar, a monster pic comes if you don’t have a gravatar.
      What’s gravatar. Its a site, register there, upload a profile image and if you comment using the same email id anywhere on wordpress, the profile image will automatically come next to your name!

  12. Ami said

    thank you very much for applauding my brilliant steps.. 😛

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