Valentine’s Day in Manipal

February 15, 2009

As opposed to many, I am not going to write about how I went about celebrating Valentines Day in Manipal. I would like to comment on the increasing influence of fanatics in Manipal and the fact that Manipal is soon going to be ” Talibanised ” (oops…did i hurt the right winged readers of MIC’giri).

I was partying on the 13-14 Feb at Shaz’s place. It was a nice party with people from all batches of MIC present there. Right from BAJC 1st year to MS 2nd Year. Each and every class was represented. Now with booze, hooka and Ashwin/Ami around, it was tough not to have fun. The party had everything for everyone. Everyone was contributing to the party in their own unique way. Surbhi had brought her pocket hooka while “Bal-ki-Dukan” Suraj was ‘ high ‘ humour levels.

Everyone was really happy when suddenly Ram proclaimed-” Guys, seriously Bajrang Dal people are roaming around in Manipal right now”. Suddenly everyone realised that Manipal is not the same anymore. Right winged activists (read well built men and women available on rent) were roaming around the streets of Manipal looking for anyone who was ‘destroying the Indian culture’. Those who violated the Indian Culture by dirty dancing, drinking and expressing their love to others were their enemies. There were so many girls among us. I started imagining how it would be if those people heard the loud music being played and turned up there. Many of us were concerned though no one wanted to speak up and spoil the party mood. Everytime a bike came into the compound, everyone would look towards the parking area and one of them would say-“oooh…Ram Sena”. Even though it was for fun, some did fear the worst. I did.

Then one of the newly wed, oops..sorry…new met couples wanted to go back. So me and the guy walked to the auto stand. And got an auto for them. We kept on looking here are there to see if we could spot some bikes. We had heard (and the guy had seen) that the Dal people were roaming around on bikes. Thankfully, we saw only students zooming past us with bottles of booze in their hands. We got the auto and we took it back to Shaz’s place. Nothing happened that night and we bid each other good bye. The Bar-be-kyu? (as named by Ami) was great.  It was really refreshing.

Then the entire day I did not venture out. But some friends came over and all of us decided to go for dinner. After having a sumptuous dinner at Food Palace we went for a coffee to Ashlesh. We could see police roaming around with danda’s with them. They were shooing away everyone sitting around the open bar. We were sitting on the steps to Ulike and we were asked to leave. It was kinda pissing off as they were asking even the people with drinks in their hands near the open bar to leave. They asked some angrez girls to leave, though they seemed shy to ask them at first. I started talking to my house mate on our way back after dropping the girls to the auto stand. He told me that even the policemen cant help it as they have been posted there to do exactly what they were doing some time back. It is only then did i realise that religious miscreants might come to such places too to create trouble. The presence of police there was a relief. It felt really good.

With just three months to leave Manipal for good, I felt that Manipal is just not the same anymore. When I came here in 2004, Manipal was THE place for partying. You never had to think twice if you had to party at your house with loud music. Girls could still walk around in party dresses and be safe. But now, they are not scared of being molested. Instead they feel scared that a mob might attack them and assault them brutually. This is not what Manipal was known for and should not be known for either.

I understand that many don’t party. I myself don’t party. Seldom do I go to pubs. But as the youth of this country, I feel that freedom in college is necessary. One should not moral police the young. Just cos one person thinks that Indian Culture is a society where men can drink and create havoc while women can’t, he/she should not be allowed to go and play spoilsport for some one else’s fun. If Manipal becomes what these Ram Sene people think students should be, those days are not far away when we can tell our kids what sharing a drink (refers to everyone whether you drink or not. Pepsi can be used to raise a toast you see!!) with friends mean. May be they would not know what a co-ed even means.

I am not some one who supports parties or opposes them. But I regret the Plan of Action that BJP is adopting in Karnataka.

Hope things change in a few years, else if Brain Drain starts again, you will have something other than Microsoft to blame.


3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day in Manipal”

  1. Ami said

    ha ha.. bar-be-kyu was fun!

  2. Ami said

    bar-be-kyu was indeed good fun!

  3. elvingiri said

    thanks to Ashima and Prashit, who were the chefs of the nite, we got to eat some real good food.

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