Enough is Enough

February 14, 2009

Ok guys,

That does it. I am personally responsible for killing this blog that was once one of the most happening places online for MIC’ians. I believe that nothing has been able to unite old and new MIC’ians as effecient as MICgiri. Now I would like to take up the responsibility of bringing this forum back to life that Balu once created. I have decided that I will post one post per day. I do not care how many people are going to come back. But I can not see this forum dying out. And by saying one post per day I do not mean that we leave “I was here” type posts. Write about Manipal. Let the world know about Manipal through you without being expected of being politically right. If someone out there comes to know about something in Manipal then let it be through us (Sorry TMJ). I feel that as students we can be the best contributors to this. Come on, is it so tough? Instead of checking out that pretty girls/cute boys orkut/facebook profile lets devote just 10-15 minutes to blogging about Manipal and above all, the place that taught us lessons for life-MIC.

And for those, who do not have a wordpress account- make one. It might seem complex. But if I can manage facebook anyone can learn how to use wordpress.

Hoping for a supra-positive response from each and every one of you.



14 Responses to “Enough is Enough”

  1. | Balu | said

    One smll doubt.. what’s the point? TMJ is doing a good job? Why not just put an auto-forward from here to TMJ blogs?

  2. | Balu | said

    and pls no more lets revive this thing posts =D How’s article-19 shaping up?

  3. Anonymous said

    i dont kno how to go abt word press

  4. elvingiri said

    see people can not “meet up” on TMJ… (unless they start a dating service as proposed by Ram. its still ‘pending’ in the TMJ to-do lists) jokes apart, people actually get to meet ex and present micians…its a nice way to communicate…moreover there are so many things that might never make it to the TMJ pages (trivial things like new canteen, etc) but can be mentioned anytime by anyone on wordpress…thats why…lets not let this thing die man…seriously…

  5. Ami said

    yes, lets’ bring this back to life..

  6. vineetha said

    Gud move Elvin keep goin…All The Very Best!!

  7. elvingiri said

    Hello Anon,

    Well all you need to do is to leave your id as a comment for this post if you wanna be a contributor. But before you can do that, you have to identify yourself. This forum is exclusively for MIC’ians where we let the MIC spirit reign. We would like to keep it the same way. Hence we want everyone to know, who’s who.


  8. elvingiri said

    Hi Shakti,

    I have send an invite to your gmail id. I have invited you as a contributor. Please start blogging about MIC as you feel. But just be choosy about the words that you choose.


  9. shakti said

    ha ha sure elvin. I’ll nt do BABAgiri on micgiri. got your mail and i have already registered. will start writing soon.


  10. elvingiri said

    sure Shakti…thats what all of us are expecting…we know we wont see Jai Jai online!!! 😛

  11. elvingiri said

    Hi rashmi,

    I have sent you an invite to be a contributor to your gmail id. Please read the mail.
    Happy Blogging


  12. Harshit Jain said

    hey,who is admin of thos group n why is this blog is so thanda~thanda

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