Shame Shame!

May 18, 2008

First of all, I should apologise, too all the readers, if any left, and to Balu, who started this and tried hard to keep it going.

Next, all of you MICians should apologise, to each other.


All of us are going all out in new media, we have our own blogs, we spend so much time on facebook and orkut, and we could not keep this thing alive??? Come on guys, this blog is the one tool which has enabled us to keep in touch with the exMician and others.

So many things happened in MIC this year. We had so much to talk about. We had so many small event, big events, plays and so many developments..but none of us wrote about any of those things!

Ok, so, buck up guys. This is it. The post comes at a very wrong time, it is the end of the semester. All action over. Nonetheless, lets keep this thing alive.

Post here, comment here. BLOG here.

Oye juniors!!!!!!!!!!!! DOnt see ANY of you participating here! I think i have made you guys contributors. If not, my bad. Send the ID to me, I ll make you contributors. BLOG BLOG BLOG!!! AND BLOG HERE!


One Response to “Shame Shame!”

  1. Sameer said

    yeah, i guess its essential to keep this alive in order let the alumnis know wats happenin in MIC. I, think this is one of our weakest area…not mantainin contacts wit aluminis…which is so very essential for the college….so all bloggers…keep this pumping and goin

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