Manipal Journal — Fresh look

January 29, 2008

Manipal Journal - new look

A new semester begins at MIC and Manipal Journal is back in action with a new look. Click on the image to see bigger image. The site has not only been redigned but has also pulled in more reporters and sub editors. The number of stories has almost trippled and so has the features. A feedback section has been introduced, which unfortuantely has a few issues and need to be fixed. A TMJ blog is also on the cards.

The initiative looks promising and professional too … best of luck to team TMJ from MICigiri

Visit The Manipal Journal at


13 Responses to “Manipal Journal — Fresh look”

  1. elvingiri said

    eeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaww!!!yeah man…the look has changed..its doesnt look like a student run webpage…instead it looks like a professional web portal now…it looks the reports inside are loaded…it has changed for the good…am plus is not the only mass media where students can test their skills…wid TMJ now, 1st years are applying wat they are learning in class…ths exp will be supercool for em…and the best part is every one is not cooking and spoiling the broth at TMJ..instead everyone gets to learn in a very controlled manner so that only their positives are taken and negatives are rejected!!!and we can go anti mahe which is not possible in am plus!!!! Go TMJ!!!

  2. elvingiri said

    n pls if i can tell this for people…the founding members of TMJ (current second years) are going to lecture to printing students (MIT 3rd year)…so basically they are teaching their seniors what to do!!! yet another achievment for TMJ…ha ha…ummm…did some one say MIT doesnt like MIC??!! hmmmm…i wonder why??!!! 😛

  3. | Balu | said

    Wow.. seriously! thats damn cool man!

  4. Manish said

    MIT is against MIC? I dont think so… I am from MIT 3rd Year and nobody says anything against your college.
    Yes! MITians do talk about MIC gals.. Well quite natural… 😛

  5. | Balu | said

    Thanks for inputs Manish..
    So Elvin ur statement requires a correction!

  6. I don’t find any reason why MIT should be against MIC. Each of them have their own ways, own colleges, own curriculum… Nothing coincides or clashes between us…

    Who told you so? Can I know, so that we can clear the misunderstanding too…

  7. | Balu | said

    @ Manish
    Dude were lot of issues between MIC and MIT .. we don’t want to bring in dirty laundry over here.. the issues that were; are solved (or rather forgotten).. it’s better that these devils are not summoned again.. they can’t be undone….
    I am not going to say what kinda problems we had.. but here s a clue — article-19.. we had one hell of a fight over that term… lets leave this debate here and move on pls!

  8. Manish said

    Yeah! These issues might have been solved, but it didnt affect the general MITians. Most of them didnt have the idea. The issues might have effected only a small section.
    This is also my last post on MIT and MIC, no further discussions, but before leaving, I make it clear, nowadays I never hear any MITian saying against MIC…

  9. | Balu | said

    @ Manish
    Thanks for clearing out the issues 😀

  10. elvingiri said

    ahem ahem…did i start a controversy again…hey manish…well thats great to hear that MIT does not ahev anything aginst us..but as balu said earlier…we have gone thru shit…i dont wanna get into details…cos theres no use…again…using teh same hint that balu gave…Article-19….n some club too…am not saying anything more…back then there was a rivalry goin on…n btw…am doin my MS 1st year…did my grads from MIC too…so four years here…things were a bit different before ur batch became seniors…balu n me worked with ur seniors n super seniors closely…and am talking about teh top brass of ur college…so not speaking anymore…

  11. elvingiri said

    the comments that i put forward were my personal opinions and they do not necesarily confirm wid the opinions of others at MIc…i have close friends in MIT…n they iwll continue being so…not being controversial here…was cracking a joke..but its great to see that u took time to comment on our blog!!! cheers!!!

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