Job openings

January 24, 2008

Attention MICians.. a ew job openings if you are interetsed

Openings for content writers in B’lore. The companies are looking at people with a couple of years of experience as well as freshers. If interested contact Vidya – vidyabr29[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

There is another opening at Cognizant – Web analytics Consultant – Full time position, Chennai, India .. Those interested contact Biswajit.Chakraborty[at]cognizant[dot]com

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7 Responses to “Job openings”

  1. ram said

    balu! when did u start this business… ?? this job too boring uh? 😛 😛 😛

  2. | Balu | said

    hey.. It’s no new job… It’s jus openingsp posted by MIC alumni deserves to be here! grrr.. hw was the republic day parade? was it good? if yes pls upload photos here! I heard we actually marched ths time! 😀

  3. ram said

    i was jus kidding man………..!
    i guess the parade was good….! micians did a bit better i heard! cheers!

  4. elvingiri said

    ahem…the participant shall speak now…the unbelievable happned..thanks to our first years…they are a happy bunch…we had a full on session on the 25th…all 21 had come…n we did well…there was some awesome co-ordiantion…we did a better job on the 26th…it was nice..wgsha n mcons won(who else man!!!)…so hmmm…twas nice…will win the first prize next year!!!! hopefully!!! 😛

  5. | Balu | said

    By the way Elvin’s talking abt the marching not placement cell!

  6. Shiva said

    I was a fortunate witness to MIC’s rarest act of discipline… sadly only two faculty members made it a point to be there, if not for moral support, for the sake of the country at least! Wonder what were the others upto… making lesson plans or catching up on some much needed sleep!

  7. | Balu | said

    LOL! I am not sure I want to comment on faculty! Did someone make a video?

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