Book on video production

January 17, 2008

It gives me pleasure to inform you the first ever book on Video Production in India , authored by me will soon be released. Between I was faculty member at MIC earlier!
Pls visit this link ( to know more about the book.

I sincerely hope that VIDEO PRODUCTION (Oxford University Press) will fill the gap and prove to be a useful resource for both students and teachers of Mass Communication & Journalism.

I request you to please spread the word around among your students/colleagues/acquaintances interested/associated with Journalism & Mass Communication programs.

by Vasuki Belavadi
(Oxford University Press)
Price: Rs. 325/- (inclusive of a demo CD that comes with it free).

Book description:

The book is a step-by-step guide on making effective video programmes and provides an in-depth coverage of all aspects of video production—pre-production, production, and post-production. Throughout the book, the key concepts are explained through numerous illustrations, exhibits, figures, exercises, and anecdotes.
Video Production is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate degree and diploma students of mass communication courses.
Beginning with creating an understanding of visual grammar for video production, the book goes on to discuss the parts of a video camera, the roles of the personnel involved, and the three phases of video production. It moves from the conceptual to the practical—discussing in detail scriptwriting, lighting, sound, and editing; single-camera and multi-camera production processes; and the techniques involved in electronic news gathering and electronic field production. Video and broadcast technology and the various delivery options available in India and abroad are also discussed in detail.
The book will be very useful to students who want to specialise in video production and will also serve as a reference and guide to those interested in taking up video production independently.

Key features:
# Places emphasis on the basic techniques of production
# Reinforces the concepts with well-illustrated photographs, figures, exhibits, and anecdotes
# Includes checklists for each production stage to help beginners overcome challenges on location
# Covers scriptwriting extensively, featuring tips and exercises on writing for TV news, documentaries, and fiction
# Is accompanied by an easy-to-use CD that illustrates the concepts through video clips for better understanding and comprehension

Readership :
Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree and diploma students of Mass Communication Courses

# Visual Language
# Video Camera and Support Systems
# Production Personnel: Roles and Responsibilities
# Single Camera Production: The Process
# Elements of video production: Scriptwriting
# Elements of video production: Lighting
# Elements of video production: Sound
# Elements of video production: Editing
# Introduction to multi-camera production: The Video Studio
# Field Production: ENG and EFP
# Video and Broadcast Technology
Plus a demo CD-ROM free with every copy of the textbook.

Thanks and warm regards
vasuki belavadi
Reader, Department of Communication
SN School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts & Communication
University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: 040-23135505 (OFF), 040-23137204 (RES)
Fax: 040-23011553

Post by Vasuki Belavadi

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