January 1, 2008

First of all on behalf of all bloggers at micigiri, I would like to wish all a happy new year….

On this occasion… some food for thought!

an old idea.. which has not materialised for while now…. how about a year book?

We can set up an ed-board… seek help from MU, after all it’s our 10th year of existance! and roll out a magazine by jan end…wat say?

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17 Responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. ram said

    i am IN for it!

  2. Pearl said

    I think it’s a good idea. Maybe have sections for alumni achievements, articles from students/faculty, posts, pictures, current students, and pictures of MIC thru the ages. Maybe we could have an online version of it too…are we looking at an annual issue?

  3. | Balu | said

    great idea.. online version wow.. we can think of that as well… annual issue? hmmm come to think of it.. its a once in a decade issue!

  4. Sameer said

    Hello everyone…wish u all a very happy new year…i think its a really cool idea Balu…we shud go ahead with it…this cud be a gud step ahead

  5. Sameer said

    instead of jan…lets try to roll it out by march or april becoz that is the end of a academic year…so we wil have some time on our hand to compile articles from the alumnis and current students…we can form an ed- board…that shudn’t be aprob

  6. Ragamalika said

    I’m in.. It should be an annual issue if its a ‘yearbook’, no???

  7. | Balu | said

    Ya it needs to be ‘annual’ but being the first one in a loooong time we will make it a ten year special! wat say?

    so basically it wont have stuff abt the passing out batch alone but abt everyy batch possible.. talk abt wat it has become hw it started… talk to old faculty.. proffesors who quit and so on…

  8. ryanrego5 said

    yeah this is a brilliant idea and hopefully it will materialise

  9. Sameer said

    yeah since this wil be the inaugral issue we can include content pertaining to the last 10 years. In fact i think once we all r back to college in jan we shud immediatly set up a ed-board to start working on it…we will involve the student council and can have students across all classes to work on the annual magazine…if we can start with the work in jan itself i think we shud be in a position to release the magazine by april

  10. | Balu | said

    @ sameer
    isn’t april a bit too late.. cant we do it within march atleast.. come one people hw much time can it take? the important part is the ed board once that is set up rest of the work can happen fast!

  11. | Balu | said

    u too think it will happen only in april?

  12. Anonymous said

    Wel i think early April shudn’t be a prob…becoz i think we wil be able to set up the ed-board by Jan end…so we wud need atleast 2 months to execute the plan properly…becoz here again gettin in touch with old aluminis and gettin articles from them…at the earliest we can target around end March…more over all the batches wud be functioning til April thats why i suggested april…more over if we need help from MU then that is bound to take time…right now the first priority shud be to set up the ed- board by the end of this month

  13. | Balu | said

    @ anon
    pls pls pls mention ur name while posting
    do we need time till jan end to set up an ed board
    dont we already know who is good at what.. its not we are in an engg coll and we need to do a test to find out the best!

  14. | Balu | said

    and regarding alumni we just have to shoot mails around no need to approach them personally! so do we need feb, mar and full of april? come one guys!
    most of us have interned in newspapers and magazines and have done 6-8 pages a day.. do we really need that much time to create something? to write something? to edit copies?

  15. sameer said

    @sorry balu….it was me who posted the last mess as anon…forgot to mention my name…well i understand wat u sayin…but all i am sayin is that if we approach the college and take MU’s help it is bound to take time…i am not sayin that it wil stretch til april…if we push ourselves we can do it earlier…but practically speakin i think it wil take 2 months…atleast til march end given we start by jan end…i think instead of discussin this we shud first set up the ed- board…i wil propose the idea in the student council as soon as we all r bak from our internhship in the 3rd week of jan…and start work immediatly…obviously it wud alos depend on the enthusiasm of the students

  16. | Balu | said

    🙂 cool
    sorry i forgot u guys will be back only by jan end.. copletely overlooked that. ya pls do float the idea and go ahead only if there are enuf people who are interested!

  17. elvingiri said

    well i also think that we can come out with the year book only by march or april…cos WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANYTHING FROM MU…so we gota hunt for sponsors…plus articles n jazz will take time…if we want a quality one we can not hurry…

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