Profit or no profit?

December 13, 2007

This post is another update on the tshirt.. but this time its slightly contraversial

We want to know if we could use the extra money made from the sale of the tshirt for article 19.. hold on .. did i say extra money? Yes indeed, i did mention extra money.. now Beacuse the cost of the tshirt for the first order was not 200 but but an amount close to it (180-170) …

So after meeting all expenses we made a small profit (elvin’s working on the figures).. so what do we do with it.. forward it for article-19?

Elvin had informed those in college with a notice on noticeboard of course) that extra money will be (?) given for article-19.. but there were a few people who though against it.. read what they had to say in the comments section of this post

For the second order, the cost of the tshirt is kept at Rs 300 considering the fact that we have fewer orders (costlier tshirts) and that most of them needs to be ‘custom-couriered’.. and in-case we make profits again the same decision taken now will apply in that case as well.

So what do you guys think.. let us knw..

PS: anonymous comments will be deleted in this post

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7 Responses to “Profit or no profit?”

  1. ram said

    oops! i didnt read the notice board. sorry! apologies for tellin i dint kno, my mistake i guess.
    well, i thnk the Student Council should take the decision. But a 19 is not a bad suggestion.

  2. | Balu | said

    ram.. nothing wrong in having brought up the issue. there may be many others who missed it.. good.. anyway we were to come out with the numbers.. elvin’s busy on his calc.. if possible we will post it tomorro

  3. ram said

    and hey elvin!
    i shud personally apologise to u. u did a great job wit the tees and u r jus answering too many ppl for doing tat novel task..!! sorry man! u did a great thing!

  4. elvingiri said

    why are you sorry man…u just represented some people who have doubts about it…not a prob…thanks to you…people who read this blog would get the rite info and will have all probs cleared…

  5. Ryan said

    Well there is no need in getting the student council involved here cause the tshirt was unnofficial and its a good idea to giv it to a19. Its upto the people who have bought tshirts here to decide and if its a matter of Rs 20 on each tshirt im sure they wont mind giving it for a good cause like a19

  6. | Balu | said


    If you say so….

  7. Sameer said

    I think it won’t be a prob if we give the money for A-19…but yeah just to be on the safer side just try to build a consensus on this issue before u go ahead…as we all r aware that it just takes one small incident or gesture to emanate a controversy..

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