T Shirt – Second order

December 10, 2007

Yes we will be printing tshirts one more time, but it will be only in January once people are back to normal way of life back in MIC… As of now most of the people involved in organising are busy with their semester exams.. And.. I don’t think its right to disturb these poor souls when they are off for their sem break (or to hells kitcen in case they are going for internship)..

So we will resume orders in Jan through another post like this (don’t place your order here).. those who have already placed the order at MIC during alumni meet.. don’t worry guys we haven’t forgotten you….


In case you haven’t noticed we have two new bloggers posting here.. first Ram whose already set toungues wagging with his fiery posts and second Jeethu bhaiyya who keeps making me think and laugh with his post..

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19 Responses to “T Shirt – Second order”

  1. elvingiri said

    hey guys…well yeah…the next lot will come in jan…most probably in the third week as everyone will return (save MS 2nd Yr) at the end of the first week…everyone who has ordered at the alumini meet will be getting em at the addresses that they gave…this time we will try max to get the sizes rite…we had a talk with the printers and are trying to set things rite…the t-shirts are also being used to generate funds for A-19…am sorry guys but if you feel that the t-shirts to expensive…its for the college…so pls contribute…

  2. ram said

    not that i have a prob wit it, but i dint kno u were making profits for the coll out of it. no complaints. cool.

  3. anon said

    lemme start off with a ‘no offence meant’
    and now let me offend. Shouldn’t everyone have been informed beforehand that profits were being made out of the t-shirts? We trust you guys for you took up the responsibility when no one else did. You’ll are all honest men. Shouldn’t you have told each and every buyer of the said product that it wasn’t a non profit venture??? Was it not meant to be voluntary?
    And who decided that the aforementioned profits would go to article 19? People have a right to know what they’re buying. People have a right to contribute or not t the fest.

    @ elvingiri
    Dude, ‘for the college’, I’m paying fees man… If the article 19 bunch wanted money, they could have come and asked us directly… People paid up, what, 200 bucks last time… They’d prolly do it this time as well if some decent work was shown…… What happened to all the “we will be transparent” thing?
    Is it supposed to be transparent if its white this time, huh?

    Yours truly,
    cheerfuly and PROFITABLY anonymous

  4. | Balu | said

    ya.. we wanted to with the first order as well.. but the transport were too steep (we overlooked it initially).. and plus the girls tshirt was slightly costlier so t ate up the profits!

    This time we want to make a few shillings extra and hand it over to article 19 or whom so ever organising any event of similar stature

    atleast thats the plan! we thought it would be better than demanding money from alumni.. in this case they get somethig (thirt) and they make a small contribution to article 19

  5. | Balu | said

    @ anon
    its just a plan.. we havnt made profit yet.. so…. and in case we made profit we would have informed you guys before forwarding money to article 19 or to anyone else.. the only autocratic decision we made till now was the idea of a tshirt.. res all happned here!

  6. ram said

    ok, i think the anon person , and even i, looked at it wrong. they did not make profits out of first order, planning to make out of the second, and thus tell u guys now. so i guess it is fair.

  7. anon said


    Thats clear then. Please do put up a post including the plan. I don’t think many people read the comments.

    …Still anonymous

  8. | Balu | said

    @ ram, anon
    cool.. will post on it soon…
    willl hav to wait till jan for numbers though!

  9. elvingiri said

    well hey anon..
    first of all…thanks for raising the point…i would like to clarify certain points in this comment…

    the fact that the t-shirt would cost 200 was decided by few of “us”…no one gave any right to us…you are right…people need to know about where their money is going…but this venture was not an official one…we did approach the faculty for asking them if they wanted the t-shirt…and it ends there…we didnt ask permission from them…in fact we gifted one t-shirt each to Buroshiva Sir and Kamath Sir “from the students of MIC”…they guys t-shirt was for Rs. 184 and the girls t-shirt was for Rs. 176 (this price includes the printing, altering and courier charges till blore)…

  10. elvingiri said

    coming back to the question that-“were people informed about the fact that the profit was going to Article-19??”…i had put a notice telling people about the production costs of the t-shirt…and i mentioned in CAPITAL LETTERS that the profit would go to Article-19…

    what would you like???
    (a) Giving Rs. 200 for Article-19, or
    (b) Giving Rs. 200 for Article-19 and getting a t-shirt.

  11. | Balu | said

    eh.. i select B…
    so ‘people’ knew abt it! cool…

  12. elvingiri said

    and the post that i posted above proves that people who bought the t-shirts would chose the second option…i dont think there would be anyone would not like to pay for the fest and not get a t-shirt…everyone wants worth for money…and in this case…u wear your “contribution”!!!

  13. ram said

    oops !! i apologise, completely my mistake !!…. i apologise for my ignorant behaviour, i dint read or remeber!!..
    as i had written in the other post also, let the student council decide, and a19 is not a bad idea.

  14. elvingiri said

    not a prob dude…its not ur mistake at all..in fact noe’s mistake…we are just talking about things…even anon…would like to thank him…cos of him only are we being transparent now…i didnt put up the accounts (twas purely unintentional as i got busy wid assignments, tests n semesters)…will put up the account in some days…which will have detailed info about the money that we earned…

  15. elvingiri said

    and i did have a talk with ryan (student council president, MIC)…and he had also liked the idea of generating funds…i dont tink that any student will have any problem with giving some money to our own fest…but i have to agree that i dint raise this issue in the student council meetings…i told ryan about this as part of a casual conversation n not as an official one…i should have informed all the reps officially that the moneyn is goin to A-19…like to apologise to all the student reps n above all-to the students of MIC…

  16. ram said

    whoa!..now elvin, dont apologise and all tat dude, makes me feel like stirred up some bigass controversy….i read tat post properly for the first time and commented without thinking!…now now, mr.bigmouth (me) is feeling guilty and rightly so, and thus feeling sorry too!

    but i guess i got the blog some more action by instigating anon elements…wat say ? 😉

  17. ram said

    yeh, i make sure i make yell proud wherever i go.. lol..

  18. amer said


    can i noe where u all oder d tshirt?? i’m new in India. wan 2 do for my college also but don noe the best printing shop here. hope can tell me. tq.

  19. elvingiri said

    hi amer…well we ordered ours from tirupur in tamil nadu…

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