At least he read it…!!

December 8, 2007

hey guys!

a very informal post, just to tell u abt a small success The Manipal Journal achieved recently.

all of u must remember our editorial in the last issue abt MIC and MU. we made sure the MU big shots read it.

The VC apparently read it. he called our director down and had a chat. he wanted to know if TMJ was anything official and the director confirmed that it was not. however, we have been asked to carry a disclaimer stating tat we dont belong to MU. well, we dont have a prob wit tat, we are only happy to do it.

however, the VC has taken the comment ‘sportively’ and is willing to come down to MIC and explain the situation to ‘these students’ !! he says he has been misunderstood. well, we will see if he comes and down we are only looking forward to meet him, are we not ??

wat say guys (specially the ones who r in MIC now) ???



The opinion has triggered a discussion in MIC community on orkut.. pls read that as well

Post by Ram

3 Responses to “At least he read it…!!”

  1. | Balu | said

    Woohoo… great going guys (n gals of course)
    ths s damn cool… So TMJ s doin its job… WoW!

    So are MICians ready to prove him wrong?

    PS: we can pose a threat.. he make more defamatory statements on MIC.. we will continue sledging….

  2. | Balu | said

    Earlier a google search for Manipal Journal used to put up Micigiri as the first result. chck it out nw.. the opinions section, with the ‘contraversial’ post is the first

  3. | Balu | said

    One small Question though.. is this post fueled by boredom (exam time u see) or are you jus being timely??

    na…. jus pulling ur leg

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