We have to do it…

November 28, 2007

(pssst: This post is injurious to the health of a thoroughbred MICian)

I generally don’t write ‘cool’ stuff. I leave it to the others. I generally write stuff after which people (MICians) would say, “Chill ram!”. ‘Ranting’ would be a nice way to call what I write. But given the negativity of the word, I still choose to rant, after all, it is for a purpose.

My post is largely based on my opinion piece on TMJ, which i suggest you should read now. (http://themanipaljournal.110mb.com/Opinions.html ). But there is going to be one striking difference. I will blame only the students, i will blame US.

Why? Simple, we just don’t have the guts, the balls. No, it is not that we are lazy. “We don’t have anything to do” is just a reason, a lame reason. We are scared to do anything here, because we fear failure. And what bothers one the most is the fact that the people who have the talent are chickens. They fear the world. In MIC, it is ‘cool’ to be jobless. A person who misses one Saturday night party is a boring, he is a workaholic. Uh! Only if they knew how the world out there was! “I am too young to work so hard, I want to enjoy!” they say. Give me a break! Only if they knew at what age people in other media college start working. And the fact that we are absolutely isolated from any other media college only adds to the miseries. You work for a day and people think they have done a lot. The maturity level is just too high compared to us. We are kids, irresponsible, silly and stupid KIDS. All we can do is talk, talk and talk away to presumed glory.

I have repeatedly asked this, and I am just repeating it now because Balu gave me free space.

How far are we going to do this, guys? How far are we going to blame the management and the faculty? When are we going to realize that we are the ones who are getting affected and that we have to do something about it. And the insults are just too disturbing. Are we here to ‘goof’ around? Does it not make you feel miserable at least for a second?

It is essential for us to understand that if we want do something here, we have to look beyond the confines of MIC and Manipal. The standards here are just too low, and not because of the place, but us, the students. The infrastructure is just too good here. Yes, there are some highly disturbing lapses in the system, but one has to realize that the only people who can do something about it is us. And when I say we have to do something, I mean doing something materialistically to change the situation, not go and complain.

Now, why am I taking so much pain and not ‘chilling in life’? Because when I leave Manipal after spending the best time i have had and will ever have in my life, I don’t want to feel like a loser. A loser who did nothing but decide where to have lunch and dinner, a loser who blamed the management for every failure, a loser who did nothing which means anything to anyone. Guys, snap out to reality, get a life.

Post by Ram

29 Responses to “We have to do it…”

  1. Shiva said

    Well, someone spoke out at last! Hmmm… It sometimes, rather all the time amazes me how escapist most MICians are THESE DAYS without claiming that I’m not one among them. I believe I’m guilty too – of not partying every saturday night, not smoking up, not running home on week-ends, not forming ‘clubs’, of not pretending to be a sports enthusiasts, of not blogging as often as I should and the lists goes on… Well 4 years and 4 odd months in Manipal has made me realise no matter what talents you may possess, if you shy away from using them you are not going to do anything in the rest of your life except COMPLAIN cos we were to lazy to do anything – not even roll a joint, that’s just rediculous!

  2. ram said

    i dint entirely get ur point, but one thing i understand and i agree, all of us are equally guilty…

  3. Shiva said


    Well, its sarcasm of the first order, not meant to be understood. N e ways agreed that we all are guilty so what’s the big plan, what is to be done? I assume joining YELL, KM or even NEEM, which has its own benefits, or mere participation in their respective events is not the solution to MICians’ grave problem of utter joblessness, without taking away credit from these clubs who have performed exceptionally well this year. I understand nothing can be done with dim wits but what about the ‘intellectuals’ who sit on their bottoms throughout the year and continually crib, complain and cry at any given occasion even when something positive is happening. What to do about the misconceptions of ‘cooliganism’? – when submitting to ‘madira’ and ‘fags’ becomes holier than actually doing what we have been sent here for, where the ‘will to do nothing’ is so overpowering; I’m afraid its a lost cause my friend cos no one blames themselves for their sh*t, its only who feeds ’em who get blamed.

  4. ram said

    thats the way u look at it, so do many people, which is why the situation is the same screwed up way. i still believe good things can be done here, and wat i say has nothig to do with clubs. i dunno where tat came from.
    btw, i hope u read my post along with the TMJ opinions piece. only then it makes more sense. my point was we shud not sit on our asses and get insulted.
    the ‘will to do nothing’ is over powering cos we think it is, and we keep telling every new comer it is. my seniors told me this place is shit, their seniors told them the same and we tell our juniors this place is shit and that nothing can be done here. and wat r u doing now? basically trying to say that nothing much can be done. that is the problem shiva, we keep pushing the new comers too into the same ditch we fell in.
    may be u cannot do something, may be i cant.. but someone tommorrow will. but there, all of us are ready with our ‘oh! it is a lot cause’ and ‘nothing can be done here’ comments to pipe them down. with all due respect as my senior, i think u can be more encouraging.

    i may sound preachy and bullshitty, but we just have to face the reality. and the world needs all kinds of ppl does’nt it ? 😉

  5. ram said

    and i am sorry if this pea brain got u wrong somewhere

  6. | Balu | said

    Wat needs to be done
    I have a few suggestions

    1> Never plead before faculty to post pone assignments
    2> Make max use of the infrastructure here.. in many colleges u have to pay for studio time!
    3> If you do not like the way a certain set of people are organising some event then start off on your own.. make the others understand how they can improve.. don’t screw the plans while remaining inside the group

  7. | Balu | said

    I agree we have a huge share to play to life the college from an average one to a great one.. but the kinda comment made by Vice-chancellor goes in the category of ‘sick, disgusting’

    I have a few more additions to the above list

    4> Never sleep in class
    5>actually participate in class (may be then faculty will stop canceling classes.. come on even they need some encouragement)

  8. ram said

    i agree wit every single word of urs.

  9. | Balu | said

    You are right
    now it requies a moderator to approve a post unless we have let one in earlier

  10. | Balu | said

    Roll a joint??
    ha ha ha ..

  11. Shiva said


    Without being disrespectful to ppl who join MIC nowadays, there is mark change in the way they conduct themselves in college and elsewhere unlike there subsequent predecessors. You are absolutely right about seniors feeding bullshit to the juniors. Now what do you do when a senior encourages and coaxes a new recruit to behave as insolently as they do themselves instead of all that u claim a senior should ideally be doing. There are seniors who display a callous attitude to these confused juniors compelling them to misplace their priorities. Now unless the so called seniors, I mean, right from III YR in BAJC and II YR MS, change themselves to be more susceptible to pragmatic learning then we can’t expect the juniors to be any different.

  12. iruleatwork said

    precisely. i agree. and tat includes not having a ‘nothing can be done’ attitude’.

  13. Shiva said

    @ Ram

    See it depends on individual interests and what gives you happiness, if ppl are happy being lazy and having nothing to do without worrying much about life after MIC then unfortunately nothing can really be done. MIC does have a motivated bunch of guys, u included, perhaps ppl can take inspiration from you!!!

  14. iruleatwork said

    yeh, but the problem is wit those who do nothing and CRIB and stop others from doing. actually shiva, there are def more ppl who do nothin and crib than ppl who jus dont care and do nothing. and tats wat gets more irritating. one junior is doing something out of enhusiasm, and there, they say,” yeh yeh, wait. even i was enthu wen i cme here. wait for two months u ll also get weary of this and do nothing….it is all a waste of time.” !!!!!!! wtf ??

  15. | Balu | said

    hmmm.. i kinda agree wit ram on that!

  16. Anna said

    Ok.. this seems like a heated discussion!
    at the risk of repeating points, i would just like to add my ten paisa worth.
    first of all, ram – you are right, in that, students in other communication colleges are doing way more than we are here.
    but, most of those colleges are located in places which have many more oppurtunities than manipal. If for eg, (and also as a genuine question) i want to freelance (in print and in english) – where can i do it here?

    balu – is the smiley on the left bottom of the page on purpose? its damn cute, i say!

  17. | Balu | said

    @Anna.. agree with u on the location hazard part…
    and on the smiley.. its just a wordpress thingy.. nothing i put in… if the smileys there that means everythings alrit! thats all 🙂

  18. tys said

    hey , a manipalite! i was from wgsha…almost ages ago…hve u been there recently? heard tht the place is unrecognizable…

  19. iruleatwork said

    @ anna

    there are def many opportunities here, all we need to do it look for them cos in other cities its obvious here it is not. i myself have freelanced for many newspapers, and many of my friends in my class are doing it. my seniors have done it too. i am sad tat i dont gt enuf time and i am lazy to do as many stories as can be done here. pls, weh have enuf and more to do in manipal!! there is just too much to do, way too much, but not a single person to show it to u or push u. actually guys, i have tot a alot abt it, had sleepless nites..lol.., but have jus reached the conclusion that if we r not gettng anythin out of our lives here then its cos of us, tats it. we jus have to deal wit it.. 🙂

  20. | Balu | said

    Sorry dude.. i have no idea how it was 10 years earlier it hasnt changed much in the four years i saw (was there) though!

  21. | Balu | said

    but one things for sure.. manipal’s changed a lot.. there more cool buildings popping up now and then.. many more colleges, courses,, more students, more hostels and more…

  22. tys said

    cool…whn i was there Big Dads was coffee shop and Snack shack was the in thing…and saralapettu was the hallowed grounds of weed..and baba was god

  23. | Balu | said

    @ tys
    and that sounds like a loooooooooong time bck!

  24. ram said

    i think i was not even born then, LOL.

  25. | Balu | said

    hmmm nw even i have doubts
    Mr. pravin aka Tys
    which year did u pass outta ths place?

  26. Anonymous said

    Dude you’ll guys need to chill out. Strike the right balance between work and play and have a good time in Manipal.

  27. elvingiri said

    well ho ho ho…i would like to agree and disagree on certain points…like…sleeping in class…postponing assignments n stuff…which are considered to be “cool” yet “unfruitful”…i would say that…if you study in college and you dont do all these things then you would not know what college life is…we should know how to strike a balance…thats needed…no need to follow some thing written on som e website…theres no formula for quality(certainly not referring to ISO!!!)media colleges are meant to be crazy n “fun filled”(excuse me for talking like some one from the engg side!!!) but if we dont strike a balance nothin works…

  28. | Balu | said

    @ elvin.. i think u were trying to strike a balance in ur comment as well.. i cudnt understand any point.. in futeure pleej type two comments one suppoting one point of view and the second supporting the other 🙂

  29. ram said

    well, personally, i dont think ther is a balance.

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