Freak comment

November 24, 2007

On November 23, I received the ‘best comment’ I have received on this blog yet. It made laugh out like I never did. It was the language used that made me do so, rather than what the person had to say!
The comment is as follows

laura wala design bana diya hai…….. aisa design hai ki lagta hai hum micians khali blah-blah karte rahte hain………. koi badiyaan designer nahi hai kya mic me………

The comment was made in response to the post on Tshirt design which was posted on November 2! And the comment comes almost a month later.. wow look at the timeliness

Do not think I am taking the whole issue personally as that is not the case.. I have heard criticism from a few people, including a few close friends.. but this comment sounded cheap (language) total disrespect for initiative and plus was too vague (he did not have suggestions just complaints)

I am not sure if it indeed is Samvarthy (faculty now.. so hope thats not the case) who has made the comment or someone trying to defame him.

There was enough time for people to criticise the design for improving it and if any one goes through the posts on the blog, you can figure out how many changes the design went through.

Do you think the comment was called for?

PS: Elvin’s in Goa (Goa film festival) once he is back we are starting with the second orders for the tshirt


Samvartha called me today (Nov 28) to clarify abt the incident. It was not him making the posts but an impostor…  quite a sad incident.. From now on all comments will be moderated

 Post by   |  Balu  |

19 Responses to “Freak comment”

  1. samvartha said

    sorry balu i never wanted to hurt you, but you know i was really disappointed to see such horrible design, that too from a mic pass out. actually i was bit pissed that day after my little clash with dirty girl. she is driving me nuts these days,even she din’t like your design and blamed me……………..

  2. | Balu | said

    I don’t have probs with people not liking the design thats not the issue.. and whose ths ‘dirty girl’
    Again…. ur comments are vague

  3. iruleatwork said

    ok, now let us not make this place a war zone. i guess we shud jus drop it here, lets stick to wat we intend to do wit this blog. 🙂

  4. | Balu | said

    @ loser
    ur comments doin down the drain sorry we don’t need a fight over here

  5. | Balu | said

    @ iruleatwork aka ramu
    spot on!

  6. xylene567 said

    Hey Balu,
    The best thing you can do for ppl who comment inappropriately is to ignore them. Dont give them the publicity they dont deserve !

  7. | Balu | said

    What if the ‘publicity’ will make them think twice before they post similar comments??
    Thats wat i thought

  8. | Balu | said

    I mean thats wat i think

  9. xylene567 said

    They wont care, coz most of them wont be using their real names to post comments. Sometimes they use different names. But you can figure it out by checking the ip address !! ( well, to some extent)

  10. | Balu | said

    Hmmm makes sense..
    but hw do u find out if its a real person or someone impersonating him jus using his IP address??

  11. Shiva said


    I think u should report abuse to and actually claim that this is a flaw and needs to be rectified…. Check the settings, I’m sure there is a way to prevent such mindless-mindnumbing incursions upon public space (almost an oxymoron he he…)

  12. Sameer said

    Hi, everyone. I am using wordpress for the 1st time. Wel firstly i want to congratulate Balu and Elvin for taking the initiative to have a MIC t-shirt. The number of orders placed for the T-shirts speak for themselves as to how keen and interested ppl were to have this T-shirt. Now as far as this controversy of the message been posted in the name of Samvartha goes, well as Elvin has clarified that it is not Samvartha who has posted that message so i am sure it must be not him.
    But who ever has posted this message yet again highlights the attittude problem ppl have. We have had a plethora of discussions on this topic on various social networking sites e.g. orkut….So the best way to respond to these kind of ppl is that keep doin what u belive in and the more u do the more frustrated they feel. Becuse these r ppl who can never do anythin and cannot c others taking the initiative. So i feel the more they comment the more it shows that we r heading in the rite direction and having a impact. So well done Balu and Elvin…u guys have done a fab job by taking this initiative….ppl might like or loath the idea but can’t ignore it. And the best way to highlight the success of yr efforts is the amount of orders that have been placed. way to go guys….

  13. Shiva said


    Dude do u really think these people actually bother to read or have the aptitude to understand words of wisdom? Well I’ve serious doubt. Why ‘waste’ 10 mins on the net reading someone’s crap while there is ‘so much not to do’ at MIC!

  14. | Balu | said

    @ Shiva
    There is no way to stop anonymous blogging in wordpress.. but you can ban users from certain ip addresses if they talk shit

  15. Ryan said

    Hi Balu

    As someone rightly put it just ignore the comments. People do not appreciate the hard work you and Elvin put in. Criticism always works best for them and they sink to the lowest level by using other peoples names which is really sad. Anyway great job man on the tshirt.

  16. | Balu | said

    @ Ryan
    Thanks man.. ya we never felt bad abt the comment.. jus felt like laughing.. i thought it was a joke at first! (it was.. after all)

  17. Jeetendra said

    Balu, most of us liked your design. No one in this world- so far- has pleased everyone he or she worked for, and it is not going to happen in future either. The method is simple, do what is liked by the majority…don’t get hurt by a few comments here and there that are the product of some other events…
    …lovely expression in the form of article. We loved your design…

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