Convocation Manipal !

November 20, 2007

Well yes that means I am officially a graduate.. wohoo (finally)! It was great the whole KMC greens was lit up (as usual)..

The function started at 5 (on time!) but I turned up at Indian Standard Time (One hour late) thanks to a few of my friends 😀

The function went smooth… and our (MIC’s) turn came finally at around 8.. we went on stage UG’s first received our degrees followed by PG students

No one (save a few who came with their parents) stayed for the MU sponsored dinner..the rest shot off to their faourite destinations and many others ranto Shantala ground to head bang to the tunes playing at Campus Rock Idol

PS: post on alumni meet, tshirt and loads of pics from manipal coming soon……

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4 Responses to “Convocation Manipal !”

  1. Anna said

    just one suggestion.. why dont you have separate user ids for those who blog..
    that way, we get to know who wrote which post.. otherwise all the ‘I’ talk just gets confusing..

  2. | Balu | said

    Hello Anna,
    we do have different id’s… only the name of the author is not displayed default

    But we do add the name of the author as a tag (visible at end of post)

    From now on we will make it a point to add our name 🙂 at the end of the post itself!

  3. jeff said

    hi jeff here , i had attened convocation 2007 prog …………………. i liked the songs can u pls give me the video of convocation 2007 ……..
    waitinbg 4 u r keen reply………

    contact :9844897913

  4. | Balu | said

    Hello Jeff,
    HI i am moderator of micigiri saw your comment on the blog.. which video are
    you talking about.. the video of alumni meet or the video of convocation
    event? I dont have the convocation video if thats what you want… If you
    want the video of alumni meet may be I can tell someone from college to get

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