Time’s up!

November 12, 2007

Sorry guys

Time’s up, the deadlines long past and we HAD to send the money to the printer. So whoever confirmed the order yet failed to make the payment WILL NOT GET the TSHIRT this time. We will be making ONE MORE ORDER for the tshirt and those who want it this time please do contact me in my email id: nt.balanarayan@gmail.com.. (and please check your email at least once in two days)

NOTE: There is a high chance of the tshirt prices going up (TO AROUND 250) in the second order as the numbers will be less compared to this time (around 170)…

We deeply regret for not being able to shell out money from our pockets (for those who confirmed, yet did not pay).. all of us are broke this month (one co-incidence u need to believe in)…

Those who made the payment will get T’s for sure, you can collect them at MIC on 16th if you find it impossible to do so.. pls let us know by using the comments section below this post

PS: the blogs got 1000+ hits (WOW that was fast!)


Tshirt has been sent from Coimbatore via courier, will reach Bangalore tomorrow afternoon. Hope the bus from here will reach Manipal early next day morning.


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