T-Shirt Update

November 7, 2007

Ok guys…here it goes…we have recieved around 120 t-shirt orders from MIC alone…this is excluding the alumini..and we are expecting to get atleast 30-40 more names…the prices will be around 175…or even below that…the quality will be quite high…and above all…we will getting them in less than a weeks time…before 16th to be precise…the t-shirts going to be ash grey 99.9%…so we will once again wear an mic t-shirt on the alumini meet…way to go mic’ians…and kudos to micigiri as this thing started over here only… P.S. For Alumini-if you wanna order…tell the number of t-shirts to balu… Contact Number for alumni: 09886973532 ( | Balu | )

-Elvin Jacob


This part of the update brought to you by | Balu | One more addition to the design.. as part of the ‘branding process’ which Elvin blogged about earlier, its been decided to include the words Manipal Institute of Communication just below the MIC design… Shiva’s handling the work.. looks good from the preview they sent me… Also the colour white has been replaced by gray to cut down on the number of colours


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