MIC Tshirt updates

November 6, 2007

Okay here goes.. Till now we have received 80+ orders for MIC t-shirt from college and around 15 from alumni through blog and orkut…

There will be a slight change in design. The words ‘Manipal Institute of Communication’ will be included in the design in such a way that it doesn’t disturb other elements of the design.

For the record Shiva (its his b’day today.. happy b’day) and Ryan are working on this (for people who don’t know these wierdos.. they are final year PG students here)… Elvin’s promised to upload the final design once these people put in their ideas..


Okay, the dirty work will be done in Coimbatore (cheaper, cheaper.. cool i can save some bucks… printing in Bangalore is costlier than traveling by auto.. so now u get the idea) !

We have started talking with this person and are trying to get the rates down to Rs. 250 -300 range.. [I hope its Rs 200 =) ]

PS: The last date for placing orders will be Thursday (and we are hoping to get around 150 orders).. we will try to get the tshirt in S, M, L, XL sizes …….

We got one or two orders for XXL well will try to fit in that as well

And girls take not.. the size is unisex so, S means S size in guys.. am saying so as we had to see a lotta frowning faces as a lot of girls were floating in their t-shirts…

An alumni Avinash Ramchandar had made a comment on Tshirt post

He was not happy with the design and wanted a new design. But I am sorry to inform that its too late to make any drastic changes to the design (i mean too late for a new design).. alterations to the existing design can be made.. not an issue… However we would be interested to see what ideas you got for an MIC tshirt.. if u have any ideas do let us now.. we can get it printed next time or may be for/during article-19

What say?


5 Responses to “MIC Tshirt updates”

  1. Priyanka said

    Hi there,

    I can’t make it to the alumni meet, but I live in Bangalore (yay!) 🙂 So would you please pass on a T-shirt in size medium to me whenever you can. Thanks!

    Priyanka, batch of 2004

  2. | Balu | said

    No problem yar..

  3. Hi, I am Arpit (batch-2003) currently working in Gurgaon in HEwitt Associates. I could not attend the alumni meet so, could you send me the T-shirt of my office address. I am writing my ofice address with my contact number to you ,…! please do send me..! Miss you all

    Add: sector 39. Hewitt Associates 6th floor, Cyberpark Unitech tower..! Gurgaon Haryana (122001)
    My cell number: 09811699702
    And office number: 0124-413-7599
    Thank’s & Regards

  4. | Balu | said

    Hello Arpit,
    Nice to have you around… Yes we are in the process of procuring the second batch of tshirts.. I will send you the account number in which ou can deposit the money.. hope to see you around…

  5. Arpit said

    Hi Balu, Can you send me the T shirt of Manipal University. , tell me ur account number i’ll send you money. please drop me a mail mentioning the amount and ur account number. i’ll send you the appropriate postal address.

    Arpit Pandey

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