Update on the students drowning in gokarna…

November 5, 2007

Well this incident happened on Thursday, last week…1st of November 2007…the boys who drowned were Jino and Jishnu from MCOAHS..most probably they were 2nd or 3rd year students……it was Jishnu’s birthday and a big group from his class had gone to the beach…Jino was a mallu born and brot up in Mumbai… Jino was from Idduky, Kerala…while Jishnu was also a mallu born n brought up in Malaysia… Jishnu was his parents only son…they went into the waters…but when the whole group came out, Jino and jishnu were missing…the whole group was in a state of shock…so some faculties had to go to the beach to get them…the bodies of Jino and Jishnu were scheduled to reach Manipal at 6 pm the same day…

deepest condolences for the families of Jino and Jishnu…May Jino’s and Jishnu’s soul Rest in Peace….


3 Responses to “Update on the students drowning in gokarna…”

  1. sk said

    they drowned on 1st nov’2007..thier bodies were recovered in the morning nly…and acc to rumours …everything is rong…no one warned them to go there..jino was born nd brought up in indore nd jishnu in malaysia..
    jishnu was drowning nd jino went to save him..thtz how they passed away when the waves got rough..we all love them may thier souls rest in peace

  2. elvingiri said

    am sorry for the wrong info…got it from a MCOAHS friend…still we mourn the loss of these young souls…

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