Manipal students drown in Gokarna!

November 3, 2007

Two students from Manipal University (MU) drowned in the Arabian Sea at Kudle Beach. According to the Gokarn police, eight students from the varsity had gone on a trip to Gokarna. Two of them reportedly went for a swim despite local people warning them against it. Both were carried away by the rough sea. Two foreigners jumped into the sea to rescue them. One of them is missing.The bodies of the students were recovered. A case has been registered, the police said. The news appeared in The Hindu today…

Any idea which college they were from? This is not the first time such an incident has happened. Hope the administration won’t got bonkers and ban students from going to beach!



Just Spoke to Elvin, he told me the ‘real story’, which is quite tragic. A bunch of COAHS students went to Gokarna to celebrate one guys b’day. They were having a good time in the sea. The sea turned rough and all of them came out of the sea, except two. One among the missing, was the b’day boy! He is the only son and his body was found yesterday night itself. Body of the other boy was also found…..

This is not the first student death in Gokarna, but the first which bears no taint of ragging or suicide. May their souls rest in peace.


3 Responses to “Manipal students drown in Gokarna!”

  1. Hi, balu as per our morning conversation , please send me ur account no , via SMS..! i’ll wait..@ Thank’s

  2. sona said

    Hi, I just lost my cousin to this ocean. I do not understand why the police do not put a floating marker to prevent people from swimming deep. I understand they don’t have the time/ money /manpower to stop this. But surely- large signs, a long floating rope on buoys to chart of certain parts as usable would go a long way in reducing the number of deaths.

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