Guess Whos back!!!

November 3, 2007

Aha!!! Ahem!!!and loads of Ahos!!! hmmm…great to see an unofficial blog of MIC..where the bloggers of MIC can actually write…hmmm…thats good…also feels nice that MIC’ians like balachandran ramaswamy are following the events in MIC like a true journo(YES!!!)…dude…u know more about MIC than many MIC’ians out here…an update on several events:

YELL Week: MIC’s first week long fest is over…we got many participants who are going to represent the college in UTSAV…and many have advanced to the next level of auditions…we are following a three-tier system for many events….only to raise the bar and the quality of our reps (not that they are bad..but so that they don’t lose out on practice!!!)…we have some more events in minds for this semester…

Manipal Media Students Convention: This National Level Convention would be the first of its kind in India…we are still working on the details…and one of our major priorities for this convention would be-> brand building for MIC…This fest is being conducted by a group of MIC’ians who call themselves YELL…so the emphasis is on MIC and NOT YELL…we are going to put in all the brains and muscles that we have got along with the fone numbers in our fones to make this fest a one to remember…every single member of YELL is clear of the fact and have agreed in the GBM (General Body Meeting) that if we cant put up a big Convention, we are not going to do it…cos we dont want a setback to the brand building process…

Article 19: India’s first communication fest ever…MIC would like to show other communication colleges that they cant beat us in the game that we taught them…that is…in organising a communication fest…many feel that the size of a communication fest determines its quality…but we believe that its not the quantity but quality of the event that matters…for that very reason…both the dedicated Article 19 team and the Student Council has come together to pull this event off…and i would chose to disagree with the Media Journal…i guess the Student Council and Article 19 team were clearing some misunderstandings that they had about each other…we are clear about it now and are working on the Fest..Article 19 will happen again this time…and for all those people who think they mite miss out on it…don’t worry…there will be hourly updates on the blogs of MIC’giri and YELLITOUT…otherwise…the local newspapers are always there!!! 😛

Kalamanch: This group made history on the 21st October 2007 by putting up three shows, each of thirty minutes each (u think its easy???try practicing for a play thats ten mins long for an audience who are paying for it!!!) …they have rite now achieved a status equal to that of Dramanon…though Dramanon is historic in itself as it now has a branch in mumbai (phew!!!)…many thought that the politics might kill kalamanch…but ahoy…the group didn’t just come out of the probs that they were in…but they came out with a bang!!!Dramanon catered to the english speaking audience…but for all those desi Mighty Mighty Mit’ians and all the other hindi speaking people…Kalamanch was the answer…now people needn’t see Rowan Atkinsons stand up comedy shows to laugh…Kalamanch has it own Rowan Atkinson- Aslam Bhai!!! the perfect laughing riot…desi jokes…desi fun…now every hindi speaking person in manipal has just one word in their mind when they think about drama-KALAMANCH!!!!

MIC’s 10th anniversary celebrations: ARTCILE-19, YELL,KALAMANCH…all the groups out here have just one goal…to make sure that the entire country knows that MIC has existed on this earth for ten long years…brand building to be short…the tenth year celebs preps are full on…we are trying to come up wid a t-shirt…will try to tell everyone about Balu’s design…but otherwise…we are trying to make the celebs a big things…n more over…all the clubs and groups will do their events as part of the tenth year celebs…we want help from all the old students (even if u passed out six months back!!!)n tell others who dont read the blog…tell em that MIC is at last “happenin”..we have some thing or the other every two weeks…

Utsav: and lastly, auditions for Utsav have started…rite now we have a strong literary team…and also a dance team who have already started practicing…the number of singers and musicians have shot up…so now we have a dedicated group of musicians and singers…and also for the people who are good at sketching n all…the scenes good…we are having a hi quality team in all the vents this time…and hopefully we will do our all time best this year!!! 14th Nov are the auditions for singing…so if ur in Manipal at that time…do come over cos u wont see so much of musical talent in any college…

so thats about it…if i have missed anything out …please add on to the posts…and for all those ex-micians and also present mic’ians-we are the third best communication college at the moment…the list might be faulty…but wat u need to see is that some one did not mind placing MIC over ACJ or IIMC…the fact is we are among the most successful communication colleges of the country(success in terms of successful students)..the only thing is that we dont know that the Executive producer of the director or the foreign correspondent of some channel or movie is an MIC’ian…we need to communicate with each other for that…lets talk…so that we can realise our potentials…and our talents…cos possessing talents without realising that they do exist in us…is equal to not havin them…



One Response to “Guess Whos back!!!”

  1. Thanks Elvin.. thats the kinda update i was yearning for… happy to hear abt article 19 and all the activities being planned….

    And brand building.. hats off to u guys.. u have struck the bull’s eye…. thats exactly wat MIC needs

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