Final design for Tshirt

November 2, 2007


Hello people, I have modified the design (slightly) taking help from few guys here. This is how it looks finally. Time is not in our hand, so I would like to get it printed by this week end if possible…

If anyone needs a copy of the tshirt let me knw (comment at the end of this post.. )

I am talking to people who print t-shirts here, I cannot give you a final rate because that depends on the number of orders we get. So pls spread the word, talk about it to your friends and let me know fast


43 Responses to “Final design for Tshirt”

  1. Pearl said

    Hey, would like 3 t-shirts please, but only if these would be available on the 16th, at the alumni meet. Can’t take one otherwise as I wont be around in India. Any size description available or is it a one-size-fits-all?


    Batch of 2004

  2. Ragamalika said

    Cool. I’m ok with it. I’ll talk to people abt it too…

  3. Pooja said

    Hey Balu, cool .. Count me in .. But I’ ve the same doubt .. Are you getting it done in different sizes ? Or is it gona be a standard size ?

  4. @Pearl
    Hey Hi, thanks for giving the space a visit ; )
    And about the sizes definitely.. will try to get in three sizes… Had a lot of problems with the sizes last time around.. this time will take special care

    @Ragamalika (did i spell it rit.. i guss i did!)
    Thanks big help : D

    Obviously in diff sizes!
    By the way, you can pay in gulf currency if u want… ; )

  5. Pearl said

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch. Do leme kno of d sizes asap, so I can spread the word around.

  6. Bonita said

    Design looks simply awesome. i would defly like one shirt but i will not be able to come for the meet. if it can be couriered somehow it would be great. lemme know whoevers in charge.

    batch of 2004

  7. @Pearl
    Sizes> S, M, L standard……

    No problem, we can figure a way out, which city do you live in anyway..

  8. No one is in charge officially.. not yet..

  9. shakti said

    the design is coolllll. I luv it . I’ll want to have one . I’ll tell my classmates ’bout this too.

  10. | Balu | said


    Thank you =)

  11. Pearl said

    Great! In that case I will need 3 of the M size. Thanks so much!

  12. | Balu | said

    No problemo.. I will let you know the rates soon…

  13. Sridevi said

    I’d like one too…and like
    Bonita it would help if it could be couriered to me. Live in Delhi.

  14. Latha Sunadh said

    I might not be able to make it to the alumni meet but I would like a small and a medium. I will be in Bombay, so you can pass it onto Bonita.

    Latha Sunadh
    Batch of 2004

  15. payal- batch of 2004 said


    I definitely want a t-shirt!!!! Think probably a medium will do. I stay in Bangalore and am not coming for the alumni meet so if it cud be arranged to be sent to me that wud be super!! if not i can see if someone can pick it up for me on 16th but not really too sure bout that…

  16. | Balu | said

    @ Sridevi, Latha
    No probs will figure out a way

    @ Payal
    Bangalore! not an issue..i am in Bangalore, myself.. so will pass it on to you once we get it printed

  17. Prerna said

    I would like two T-shirts in medium. Will collect these at the meet on the 16th.
    Prerna Uppal
    Batch of 2004

  18. Sandy said

    Really nice Ballu….keep one medium for me too=)… will collect it when I come to bangalore the next time

  19. Vidya said

    Hey, that’s a nice design.

    Would like a medium and I am in B’lore too. So, do let me know if there’s a way I can pick it up.


    Batch of 2004

  20. | Balu | said

    @ Vidya
    Well.. once its printed i can let you knw (abt the delivery).. not an issue if you are in Blore…

  21. Avinash Ramchander said

    hi balu….

    no offence….but i think we’re capable of much better designs…especially for students coming out from a mass comm institute….really appreciate the time and effort taken in designing this…but despite all the positive comments above i don’t quite agree on this design…maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s allright with everyone, maybe it’s just me…..but do let me know if you’d like any alternate ideas for the t-shirt. sorry i haven’t been following the thread of the t-shirt deisgn….but if its not too late..i have a friend who could come up with something in a short time…do let me know…

    thanks again for your initiative that many of us lack….


  22. Kinnari said

    I need 2 – a small and a medium. Might add more to the number. Am asking my class about it.

  23. | Balu | said

    @ Avinash

    no problems mate.. as long as ur friend is an MICian

  24. shakti said

    I wud like 2 hav two tees of M size .

  25. shakti said

    my friends r lso interested .
    most of us hav M size.

  26. Priyanka said

    Hi there,

    I won’t be able to make it to the alumni meet, but I live in Bangalore… so would you please pass on a T-shirt in size medium to me whenever you can. Thanks!

    Priyanka, Batch of 2004

  27. Hi Balu,

    What’d be great, is if you show your designs in context, i.e. imposed onto the image of a t-shirt. Then people will know what size you propose to display your work.

    Thanks for reading my blog, by the way. I’m glad you learnt something from it.

    All the best.

  28. Sandesh said

    Dude make a few XL sizes too Will need one atleast. I know more than a few stocky people who’ve been at MIC, so consider them too

  29. Sandesh said

    P.S: I’ll pick it up at the MIC meet! (is theer no delete option for th posts?

  30. | Balu | said

    @Priyanka.. no problemo
    @ David… Great idea.. will do that soon.. neways we are making a few tiny meeny changes to the dsign

    @Sandesh.. done both booking and deleting

  31. Sandesh said

    need a XXL sir!

  32. Paayel Sengupta said

    Hi, nice design! I would love to have one. Please let me know how do I get it since am not being able to make it to the alumni meet.


  33. samvartha said

    laura wala design bana diya hai…….. aisa design hai ki lagta hai hum micians khali blah-blah karte rahte hain………. koi badiyaan designer nahi hai kya mic me………

  34. | Balu | said

    I wasn’t trying to say anything.. thers no philosophy involved.. its jus wat it looks like… If you did not like the design you could have come up with one yourself.. no ones stopping you.. Plus the tshirt is not being forced down anyone’s throat so you need not buy if you don’t like

    You cant apply ‘philosophy’ to everything in life

    and pls use better language

  35. anonymous said

    sorry to be anonymous, but i have my own doubts if it was really samvartha. better ask him directly. but if it was him, jus have to say one thing, ‘no comments’

  36. elvingiri said

    shocking indeed…am surprised at the vocab being used in this post…had thought that orkut was the place where such words were used but am amazed…wordpress also has such language…

    i too have doubts if it was samvartha sir himself…am sure that some one has broken into his account…but what am unhappy cos some ones hard work is being compared to “xyz”…i dont know how many poeple who read this would be designers…but i guess the writer just does not know how much effort goes into this…not considering the fact that people involved spend their own money while talking on the fone…while getting it down to manipal…and the tension that they go thru…balu is in blore…an ex-student (sorry for callin u like that dude..just tryin to be politically rite for people who are very “logical” in life…AND AM NOT REFERRING TO SAM SIR)..balu spent hours and hours designing the thing…u have no idea…

    i would like to apologise for the late arrival and tight t-shirts for gals and big ones for guys…if you want i will put up an apology letter in the college too…

    ok fine…if anyone has any problem with the design…let them come to me and say…i promise that i wont let your identity out…if you wanna abuse me please do it…i dont mind…its your money…and am very well responsible for the trouble caused…if you arent satisfied…am responsible…but PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THE CONTRIBUTION OF AN EX-MIC’IAN…am still in MIC…you can go ahead with it…

    but theres just one thing that i wanna say…when balu called me up and talked to me about the t-shirt…i was happy…cos we would get our own t-shirts…after ten years we will look at it and think about it…you may not remember me or balu…we dont want you to remember us…its ok…but the t-shirt should remind you of…the lobby…the 5 classrooms…the common room…the lib…the ug n pg lab…n all those 270 students…who call themselves as MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION…and the goal that we yearned for would be in our hands…

    and as far as the comment is concerned…i like frank people than people who speak nicely in front of us and then back bite…please come out in the open…or contatc me personally…and we shall talk it out..not a problem at all…and if you are using some one else’s account to abuse…slap me on my right cheek and i will show you my left cheek…come on dude…come out in the open…no one will get back at you…


  37. […] comment was made in response to the post on Tshirt design which was posted on November 2! And the comment comes almost a month later.. wow look at the […]

  38. | Balu | said

    @elvin, anonymous
    yes even I have doubts if it indeed was samvartha himself.

    YOu need not post any apology letter or anything, no one else came up with a design so this one went thats all… and plus its not like there cannot be one more MIC tshirts if anyone comes up with any great ideas.. isay bring it on…

    @ everybody
    Even am sorry about inconsistensy with regard to tshirt sizes… we have told the rpinter abt the issue and we are negotiating with him as of now

  39. elvingiri said

    just now confirmed wid samvartha sir himself…he does not exist on wordpress…the person who wrote in this blog is someone from MIC…BUT DEFINETELY NOT SAMVARTHA SIR…..

  40. Shiva said

    I’m new to wordpress. Posting to see if its really possible to defame others (which is definitely not my intention!!!

  41. Shiva said

    Yeah, I guess it is… I’d advice Balu to make postings or comments on this blog non anonymous, if its possible!

  42. Sameer said

    Hi, everyone. I am using wordpress for the 1st time. Wel firstly i want to congratulate Balu and Elvin for taking the initiative to have a MIC t-shirt. The number of orders placed for the T-shirts speak for themselves as to how keen and interested ppl were to have this T-shirt. Now as far as this controversy of the message been posted in the name of Samvartha goes, well as Elvin has clarified that it is not Samvartha who has posted that message so i am sure it must be not him.
    But who ever has posted this message yet again highlights the attittude problem ppl have. We have had a plethora of discussions on this topic on various social networking sites e.g. orkut….So the best way to respond to these kind of ppl is that keep doin what u belive in and the more u do the more frustrated they feel. Becuse these r ppl who can never do anythin and cannot c others taking the initiative. So i feel the more they comment the more it shows that we r heading in the rite direction and having a impact. So well done Balu and Elvin…u guys have done a fab job by taking this initiative….ppl might like or loath the idea but can’t ignore it. And the best way to highlight the success of yr efforts is the amount of orders that have been placed. way to go guys….

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