Yell it out!

October 24, 2007

Seems Yell club’s doing pretty good in MIC..

Last year when I was in MIC their condition was not so great. Sure they had great (brialliant) ideas; but they lacked the strength and resources required to implement them and make them a success. Things seems to have changed a lot this year.

Their membership has gone up (who did the propaganda?) .. and they seems to be organising a lot of events, Yell week being the latest!

The idea is fresh and it sounds like a lot of fun.. (why am I not there nw… damn!)

The club is maintaining a blog which is quite interesting to read.. take a look

For those who have not heard of YELL it stands for – Youth for Expression diaLogue and Literature…

They undertake a whole load of communication oriented activities… for more info check their blog (same link as above)

PS: guys… (n gals of course) u need to com up with a logo….. fast!


One Response to “Yell it out!”

  1. elvingiri said

    @Balu: I know this comment is coming a year late. But just thought I will answer one of your questions.
    Q: Who did the propoganda>
    A:Events & Publicity Head-Elvin Jacob

    he he he…i know am an ass… 😛

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