My dear article-19

October 22, 2007

Excerpt from a story posted in Manipal Journal on the quality of college fests in Manipal

‘Article 19’ last year, the student council and faculty had to sort out various differences, complaints and protests against the last year’s organizers in the last couple of months; thereby delaying the planning of the event. The official structure of the fest was finalised just last week. The raising of funds has become a major issue as generating sponsors and money through pre-events in such a short time seems like a thoroughly uphill task.

So what is the position as of now..??

Will things ever change?


5 Responses to “My dear article-19”

  1. hridayramshenoy said

    hi balu, nice posts. and your blog template is damn clean – liked it. but why is ur blog titled Micigiri in some places and Micgiri in some other?

    and what is article 19? when i was in mit (passed out in 2004) i had coined that as the name of our newsletter – i guess it still continues to exist.

    What is your article 19?

  2. ha ha abt the diff in name.. i noticed it only after i made the template.. me being teh lazy kind didnt bother to change..’fcourse will change later but nt nw…

    And regarding article-19. its THE fest of MIC it first happened loong bck in 1999 for the first time.It was discontinued later due to financial and many other problems.. its being organised for the past two years

    PS: There was a big fight two years back betw MIT and Article-19 organisers (MIC) cos of the term Article 19

    and yes the newsletter s still there

  3. i made the banner image in photoshop.. forgot to save the file and just exported to JPG
    will make a new banner after convocation.. will take sm pics then (atleast thats the plan!)

  4. hridayramshenoy said

    boy! didnt know freedom of speech and expression (Article 19) can get one into so much trouble!

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