Convocation Approaching

October 19, 2007

All of us in 2004-07 batch of MIC are pretty enthu about the upcoming convocation event. Everyone is preparing something special for the event..

As far as I am concerned I just want to get back to that 5 km2 township! Just chill out at KC or KMC Greens or MIC greens..

Meet up with some old friends

Sit joblessly in corridors and steps in MIC and discuss how ‘busy’ we are (like we used to do).

Bitch abt all the wannabe-s and don-wannbe-sin college

Boast abt the fine each one owes to MIC/KC library

and yes the favourite topic of any MICian.. na not article-19 but FATE OF MIC.. where or rather what are we headed to kida talk

And finally depart from MIC have a tea and samosa bun at press cart and then to CCD..

sigh! I miss that life…

PS: I think I did a mistake by naming this post Convocation Approaching.. its hould have been Nostalgia.. Na! Not changing it nw.. too lazy..

No! Am not saying MIC made me so!


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