Manipal Journal

October 17, 2007

AM Plus was a headache for most and that showed in the quality of the paper. The stories were half baked, reviews were ‘inspired’ by articles from the net and editing was sub-par. The worst part was being a fortnightly publication, the news no longer remained ‘news’ by the time the edition came out.

When our batch (04-07) took over the ‘tabloid’ (at least in size) we wanted to do wonders but somehow, (it) never happened! I repent the fact that the editions were never very news-ish..

Two years have passed since then.. I have passed out of MIC now I am working but not a day goes without me wondering — what’s happening in Manipal?

That WAS the case till I found out Manipal Journal

The site is hosted at and is updated weekly and is the brain child of first years (oops sorry presently in second year) batch students….

Lets met the crew behind the site

Ragamalika – Editor

Anadi – Site design/ Reporter

Shaz – Photographer

Sara -Sub-editor

Ramanathan – Reporter

Nitya – Reporter

Ashima – Reporter

Kudos to you guys.. the articles till now are interesting. Keep it coming.. there are thousands of Manipal alumni hungry for any Manipal news…

Talk to MAHE (sorry MU) , see if you can get your site hosted at


One Response to “Manipal Journal”

  1. Ragamalika said

    Thanks a lot! Reviews make my day 🙂

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