Design 2

October 12, 2007

OKay.. not many comments, but got suggestions from many close quarters. I modified this design a bit more (as it was ‘too-plain’!)

here it is (click to enlarge)


I am also working on a design to integrate the 10th year funda….


3 Responses to “Design 2”

  1. Ragamalika said

    a] Nice design, but somehow, I don’t see that fitting on a t shirt
    b] Put MIC pic boss! Not MU!!!
    c] When can I start blogging here???

  2. ba1nu said

    Doesnt see it fittin on a t-shirt.. oooooooookay.. wat changes do u suggest…
    (scrap the whole thing?

  3. ba1nu said

    Am trying to work out a deal with a few friends out here, to get the tshirt printed at a cheaper cost…
    If anyone has any other design please do post it….

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