T shirt design

October 5, 2007

Convocation is a month away and two years back we had made a t shirt (a contraversial one!)

We had planned a tshirt last year too but it neer materialised We need to act quick. For there is very little time and lot of work to be done.

(Design approval, collecting money, placing order, distribution… )

So let jump to the first process.. design approval… I have uploaded my design…
If you got a better design pls do mail it to me (nt.balanarayan@gmail.com) and I will upload it.. the best design goes to print!

This one is mine (click to enlarge)

Tshirt design
So hurry up times time is against us!


3 Responses to “T shirt design”

  1. Sudeep said

    oye get a better design.this is not good at all..last times t hsirt ws gud expcept the fourth estate part yaar………..try simplicity dude

  2. TUFF said

    humor design, with text can speak it nice and cute.

  3. ba1nu said

    thanks mate.. thats the first positive comment : )

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